HVAC / Refrigeration

Browse through our large selection of HVAC instruments and HVAC meters. We offer everything from anemometers to thermal imaging cameras, whether you need to velocity, humidity or detect a leak, we have the instruments and meters every HVAC technician needs. 

Have a question about any of the HVAC instruments or HVAC meters we carry or if you need something we don't carry then please contact us and we will be more then happy to answer all your questions.

875 Thermal Imaging Cameras Option - IR Lens
$431.00 + Freight + GST
882 Testo Thermal Imaging Camera
$7,450.00 + Freight + GST
Comdronic AC6 High Pressure Commissioning Meter
Comdronic AC6 Meter Set Comdronic AC6 HP...
$2,980.00 + Freight + GST
Comdronic PComPro Software -AC6 option
$150.00 + Freight + GST
Cooling Tower Test Set
$684.00 + Freight + GST
IRA1000 Insulation Tester
$199.00 + Freight + GST
MFT4 Multifunction Tester
$889.00 + Freight + GST
Peel Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Gas Detector
$420.00 + Freight + GST